After (generally) cleaning up the garbage I eat and six steady months back at it at the gym, I tried on my leather jacket from my 20s and it will be ready for the rotation again when called into service and I'm confident I can STILL rock the fuck out of that shit.

Secondly, I used to visit this wolf sanctuary in Washington when I lived out that way. It's beautiful.


You've read me jabber about Wolf – Ma'iingan – enough via my own newsletter. Suffice to say, they are a big deal to me. I'm happy you guys made it out there.

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This was was wonderful to read, I was with you and didn't know you wanted a wolf! You know I wanted a fox. Then I learned that they smell funky and sound like squabbling chihuahuas! I follow a few fox rescues, including one that I visited 25 years ago in Minnesota, where I learned that they are cute and slinky but not at all dignified. If a fox LIKES you, it will climb on your head. And they pee everywhere like little excited dogs. So I let the rescuers keep them and I throw a few bucks to help, and to thank them for showing me that I didn't really want a pet fox.

Now, pet skunks are more manageable...

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Very nice reflections. I always wanted a big cat of some kind! I have two small dogs and a tabby cat now, not exactly the same energy but I enjoy their company :)

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“A wolf is not a motorcycle or a leather jacket.” I spent the day reading a very good book of nonfiction but this is the best sentence I’ve read in days 🏆

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